Starting with blender

Depends how many of these you have to do. If it’s one or two, I think the easiest way is to select verts; ALT+M > Merge: At First or At Last

If you have a bunch of those to do, you can setup something that will resamble a Target Weld.

  • Turn on VertexSnapping
  • Toggle ‘AutoMerge Editing’
    Edit: With my CustomSetup, you can then just CTRL + LMB click and drag; and quickly do the actions (note CTRL is SnapToggle once you are in the tweak mode, release CTRL if needed).
    CTRL _ LMB is some sort of quickTweak, where you deselect any prior selection, select subcomponent and enter Transform/Grab; as soon as you let go you’re out. (

I shared a custom setup that has ALT-Maya navigation, and some other stuff. My goal was also not to change too much stuff. Only the stuff I feel strong about.

Maybe you want to check it out to get some ideas on what you could do with your setup, it’s super easy to install, and revert back. Instructions in that thread.