Starting with Blender

Hey guys,
I’m learning blender for a few month now. This is my second render (without a tutorial).
I’d really appreciate some honest critique! :sunny:


the flowers and its holder looks amazing !!!
i cant say much about the books as thy aren’t clear !!,
the skull needs some working !!!

but everything else looks awesome !!!

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I like the flowers and the glass bottle. The color scheme looks OK too. Lighting and materials (books, skull, candle flame) - need some further work.
You might want to improve some non-Blender skills, like composition. For now - too many things compete for viewers attention. Try either reducing the number of displayed objects, or focus on chosen ones by lighting them differently, or contrasting DOF (depth of field) or place them in the center.
Overall, good work :+1:

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Hello Jane_Noe!

First I would like to say that I really like what you did, specially the flowers, bubbles, candle, spilled wine, the skull and the blur effect! I’m impressed as you are a beginner. I love the fact there are a lot of things to see!

For the weak points, I’m not really liking the flower holder and I whish something more special would happen with the lighting. Maybe make the candle flame stronger =)

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Definitely looking good! The main thing to work on is the lighting.
Since you seem to be going for the 16th Century still life look you could do with some strong lighting from one side/front with extra bounces coming off the candle flame to bring out the details.

Fab first work though!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys! I’m going to work on some of the points you’ve mentioned. @lordgert great that you saw what my inspiration for this picture was!

Nice! It has a oil paint look to it. How did you achieve that? As a beginner myself I can only say: inspiring and keep up the good work.