Starting with Blender

I’ve been looking to learn blender for years now but as my son is now 9 I thought I’d install it and get him to teach me as his stop frame lego sets are driving me nutty. As neither of us have used Blender before would you suggest we start on 2.49 or jump straight to 2.55 Beta. We’ve got 32 and 64 bit Windows 7, 32 bit ubuntu and Mac OS environments to learn it in. Are there any benefits of one over another?

Any tips for someone just starting out would be appreciated. There are so many tutorials to search!

Chris J

Go with blender 2.55 because there is lots of tutorials for it and it is the future of blender.
Don’t go with 2.49 cause you will get lost hen you move to 2.5 ( just like what happened with me ).

Regarding the operating systems they are the same for newbies but if you turned pro linux or mac are the way to go.