Starting with Python / Blender

(Anton-Mouse) #1

Hello all,

Are there any tutorials on how to use Python in blender for Newbies
like step by step on how to install Python “link” :o it in to blender
and how to run all of these excellent scripts (Lightflow) i see flying around here.

a lot to ask i know but any help would be great as i don´t know where to start

and judging by some of the posts here i don´t think i´m the only one


(Schlops) #2

“Installation” of python: Do a search on the forum, there are a lot threads about it, e.g.


(LethalSideP) #3

Erm…crud, I don’t have long…

I’ll have to be quick. If you’re looking for a GOOD python tutorial, I suggest that you search on Yahoo or Google for ‘Das BlenderBuch’. It’s a German site, but it has translations of its tutorials, and they’re very informative and good for the newbie.

As for using plugins…This varies from plugin to plugin. Normally, most are simply a script. To open them, open a text editor window in Blender (you see that button in the bottom left of the 3d windows? Click, hold and drag and select the text editor icon). Select to open a text file, and open the script (the .py file), and it’ll appear in the script window. Press alt-p to run it.

Other scripts are already in a Blend file, all prepped for use. Just open them up, go to the text window and press alt-p, and let the magic fly!!

Hope this helped. Sorry about the rush - I’m in school.


(Anton-Mouse) #4

OK Thanx for the links and instructions i´ll start right away :).
Will the Python “interface” be any simpler in future releases ?

(jms) #5

Look at the blender part of this page: