Hey all!
i dont know how you can use normal 3d pixels in youre game i get only 2d pixels then it doesnt lookalike an 3d ‘‘game’’ anymore:D
i have basic knowledge about game scripting (2d game maker 6.1)

by the way im new here :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you be more specific?

ohw yes ofcourse
here… it doesnt lookalike 3d pixels

3D pixels?

Are you saying you only get a 2D looking game?

If so you should look at the mediawiki documentation so you can learn about the x, y, and z axis and how to model 3D objects.

Also don’t forget lighting can also help to bring out depth.

2D game maker 6.1? Are you meaning GameMaker, if so I made over 20 games in that program.

That is because you need to use all 3 axis. It looks like you just extruded a plane a few times. If you do not understand that, you should not be here.

“lookalike”? is that supposed to be a joke?

In your screenshot it looks like shading is turned off. That would explain why it looks so 2d. Turning shading on might solve your “2d pixel” problem.

Yes, lighting will bring out depth like I said before, I usually use a sunlight, a negative sunlight pointing up and set ‘use blender materials’ and enable ambient lighting in the world buttons.

You need to press [Alt+Z] to put it in UV texture display mode. I can see from your screenshot that you have it in shaded view (it’s on the tool bar under the 3d view window…the button that looks like a cube with arrows pointing away from it). Here are some short cuts for switching display modes (or “draw types”):

Pressing [D] over the 3D viewport will bring up a “Draw Type” menu. It’s a quick way to select from a list.

The [Z] key switches between wireframe and solid views.

[Shift+Z] switches to Shaded view (which, despite its name, is not shaded properly in the Game Engine).

[Alt+Z] switches to Textured view, which is the only view that will properly display UV textures and dynamic lighting in the Game Engine.