startup.blend file not found

Hello all!

I’m new to this site and in 3D animation. So a bit about myself first.

I live near Montreal. I’m unemployed right now and I’ve decided to make a drastic change in my career (studied and worked in Business Administration) and go into game development and 3D animation - which I wanted to do for years now, but never got the opportunity nor time to really get involved until now.
I’m pretty good in arts; I love building plastic scale models, draw, and design. I was once working as an industrial designer on TurboCAD software.

So I found this college in Montreal, that gives a program called Video Game Level Design, but I need to hand in a portfolio before July 12th. Which gives me around 2 weeks to prepare something! :eek: One of the elements is to build a 3D environment or architectural model using tools such as SketchUp, Blender, 3DS Max, etc.

First I started learning SketchUp, but then I tried Blender just this morning. It’s so much better and complete than SketchUp… and free!

Hence the reason for my post being:
I installed Blender, but when I start the program I have a DOS window popping up and saying:
Info: Config directory with “startup.blend” file not found.
found bundled python: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.58\python

I tried running the program on my laptop and my desktop with the same result. Is there a problem or is that normal…

Thank you!

Thank you :slight_smile: