Startup Problem 2.79 64bit exe

Why there is Startup Problem 2.79. Im getting problem with 2.79 new version i have downloaded. The installation done successfully. When i click on the exe the cmd run and disappears and nothing happens. Blender did not launch. Im using 64bit setup but when i tried the 32bit zip its working. I have tried 2-3 times install and unistall but did notget success. So whats the problem why Blender is not getting start with the installation. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Similar thing happened for me. This applies to 2.79 64bit, 2.79 32bit, 2.78c 64bit, and I bet it also applies to 2.77 64bit (I’m not wasting anymore bandwidth). No problem on 2.76b 64bit. I also bet it’s due to the opengl 2.1 requirement or MS Visual C++ 20xx requirement that we can’t see.

Graphic card is NVIDIA Quadro 600 detected as opengl 4.2, Directx 9 and 11 on Windows 7.

My suggestion is to use an older version.