startup problem

(umer12) #1

blender does not started in normal mode so i tried in debug mode and got the following error

after the usuals

Warning:script menu name already in use.
edit the script and change its
Name:‘UVs from unselected adjacent’
field, please.
Note:if you really want to have two scripts for the same menu with the same name,keep one in the default directory and other in the user defined dir(only the later will be registered)

BpyMenus error:Couldn’t create entry for

i hav WINDOWS XP professional SP2
nVidea 7300 gt
visual studio 2005 professional SP1
Zone alarm firewall

Thanks in advance for ur support


(Duoas) #2

It appears that you have endeavored to add a script to your scripts directory under a different name.

Blender expects each script to have a docstring formatted as:

Name:    'The Name of my script as it appears in Blender menus'
Blender: 234
Group:   'The group name of the menu that should display the script name'
Tip:     'A popup hint message that describes the script and/or how to use it'

According to your error message, the file “~/.blender/scripts/” is endeavoring to supply a name (and group) identical to the name (and group) that another script has already provided.

You need to figure out which of the scripts doesn’t belong and delete it.

Hope this helps.