Starwars Pod Racer

Hello, I’m currently working on a Pod Racer based on Starwars. It’s no direct copy I just go the idea from the Movies. :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is how far I’ve come at this time. Any suggestions, or ideas?

Also anyone knows a good Lightning setup? a bit more advansed maybe.

The model contains Diffuse, Spec and Normal maps, and i want it to be shown better.

This is really cool! The rust is really cool! The smoke looks really nice. I think what it is missing is pipes and hoses on the engine. Great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! That is accually a great idea! I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

Same model, different texture and another angle. Thoughts?

I remember that star wars had quite realistic jet engines. The only unrealistic parts where that the pod racer is controllable. And this silly lightning.

Final render! :slight_smile:

Why does the pod model look like a devolved land speeder? Anyway, great work! Really like the smoke.

i think it’s coming along great, the smoke is a little much though. it’d kill the driver in 30.

I would give the orange some more grunge to look like it has gone through the same wear and tear as the blue. They could be newer parts compared to the blue but it looks odd. I would also add some scratches. With the rest of it not looking brand new, and all the rocks that would fly up to hit the pod there would be scratches on it. Maybe some tiny dents as well.

I would also round out the pod itself a little bit. With how round the engines are, it is unbalanced with the flatness of the pod.

The turbines look great, and great job on the lighting.

Seeing your smoke, I wish I could add smoke without crashing my computer.