StarWars rock formation

Hey everyone! I’m a lego enthusiast that creates large scale displays for conventions and charity events. Currently, I am working on a diorama of the battle of Geonosis from StarWars episode 2. The community has developed a program that can convert STL and PLY files into 3D displays, and I’d like to use this tech for a part of the display. I am looking for someone interested in modeling a “Geonosian spire” for conversion. Thanks for the consideration, I’m looking forward to interacting with y’all’s community!

What exactly are you looking for? It sounds like your program can convert meshes into LEGO models, so do you just need a model of the spire to run through it?

That is correct! I’m just looking for a base model to run through the conversion software. I will then make adjustments to the build on the back end. This photo shows the type of structure I am looking for. It is akin to several consecutively smaller balls stacked on top of one another with some asymmetry and vertical fenestrations running across each layer