Starwars TieFighter simulator.

Starwars TieFighter simulator.

Download it here…

Coool, I had a game on my pc called ‘tie-fighter’ but, I can’t play the game enymore because of win XP. But I defently have to try this one. Great when I’m at home, I check he game. :smiley:

If it’s the windows version check this stuff out:

Sorry to hijack the thread. Nice work there crossgreyn.


Awesome work man, those screen shots look brilliant!!! You defiantly captured the look and feel of the SW universe, im amazed at how pro what you’ve done looks!!! :wink:

Might not be a Star Trek fan, but if you ever want to help me out on another spaceship type game, let me know. Here are a few screens of what iv done so far (minus the latest improvements in lighting)…

Awesome work man, keep it up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

i still have the original Xwing-vs-tie fighter, from years ago, and to my amazment, it actually loaded in XP, the other day, no problems. I played it for a while, but the graphics were pretty crappy. thats what inspired me to make this new version with Blender.

And yes I’m a startrek fan, more than a starwars fan, I may be able to lend a hand in your startrek game.

I’ll have to check it out. Love the Tie FIghter series. I’ve still got the floppy disk DOS version of X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I now have the 3d Accelerated versions of them all. Including Xwing Vs. Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. All Good games.

But I’ll check out yours…

I"m not getting this very well … is this a game … or a render … or what ? looks good anyway

Lehtya_sac, you’ve got the floppy disk DOS version of X-Wing and Tie Fighter? Is there a way to share that game. Because I don’t have it naymore, I lost it. So Please :smiley:

It’s a game, with cinematic opening.

Hmm…I’ll see if there’s a way. Nowadays 1.4mb is not a lot of data to share.

I was just dowloading the simulator at home, and today I resume the download, and the app said, Link doesn’t exist? Out of bandwidth? :frowning:

I have cable, but it only seems upload @ 35k ?
try again later…

Blender Rules! :-?

It looks really great, but on my system it runs at about 1 frame/second… :frowning: I managed to shoot one of the shuttles then gave up.
I’ve got 128mb ram and 1.1GHz processor…would’ve thought that would allow me to run it without problems…

Creator’s System Spec:
Processor; AMD Athlon 2400+, Over [email protected]
Memory; 512mb Corsair XMS333,
Video Card; NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4800 128mb

i get about 30fps

30 fps on that machine? Im glad i didnt let the download go, it would choke my system to death.

Now I got more download speed, I tried to download this game again to check, but it seams to be offline. Does someone have a copy of this game? 8)

I loved that old X-Wing game… I remember going out and buying my first SoundBlaster sound card just for that game…

I have all the original games from floppy…

Tie Fighter
B-Wing Addon
and Defender of the Empire

If any of you guys want them, I’l upload them for ya… I don’t know if they will load on the new OS’s…

I remember going out and buying the CD version of X-Wing versus Tie Fighter, and it sucked compared to the original old X-Wing game… (5 floppies)!!! :smiley:

I tried to download your game, but no luck… if somebody wants to get it back on line, I can host it on my server with these original ones… let me know…


From that last post my computer is a goner…well, my graphics card at least. That and the download not working. Anyway, if the download is back up later I’ll give it a try anyways…this is like docter assisted suicide for my graphics card :-? . Rock on Radeon 7200!


hmmmm i am nto to interested in playing the game because i have no time to play. (would play if i didn’t have so much homework :P)

however i would love to see the cinematic opening, is tehre a way to get only that?


When will this link be back up? I would really like to try out the game…

If anybody wants the original Star Wars games from floppy you can grab them here… I still need to upload the Tie Fighter game… :slight_smile: