Stash Latin America - Launching Spot

The spot is a trip inside Latin America’s ancient soul. We enter its depths to find the hidden Stash, a jewel of pure explosive energy. This is the creative energy of the most outstanding Latin American animation, design & VFX studios.

Directed by Flamboyant Paradise

Sound Design: Noroeste Música y Sonido

Stash Media:

Stash Latin America: Book + DVD Now Available:
Stash Latin America features work from the most outstanding Animation, VFX & Design studios
Directors: Antoine Quairiat - Javier Lourenço
Executive Producer: Guido Rutenberg
Producer: Mechi Serrano

3D Team:
Nahuel Belich. Modelling, Simulation, Render.
Eugenio Pignataro (Oscurart). Scripting.
Alejandro Agrasar. Modelling.


…O K …i believe ya…that’s some trippy shit…and a handful of Blender magic…watched it a few times…glad i looked in on BA today…keep it up

Wow this is very, very great unbeliavable!

That is awesome, I especially like the transition where the camera zooms into its eye and the iris turns into smoke trails and would love to see a breakdown of how you did it. Very trippy indeed :slight_smile:

Whoa!!! That’s a trip!!!
Congrats to all the team, very professional work, and for Stash! :smiley:
yeah! i cheer that!

wow, definitely A-class professional work here. “Very nice” doesn’t describe it.

Professional. Awesome. Best wishes to such a good team.

Dang, I’m gonna have to come down off that.