Stasis hallway- sci fi

This is the hall way leading in to 6 stasis rooms ( 4 are shown here) this is rendered in in 2.62 HD 1080.

texture map, light map, spec map, normal map.

this is for my sci fi animation to be made in blender

if you could please say if you like it or not/ what could make it better


dude that’s awesome! there seems to be a specular glare highway up the right side… it looks cool but i cant figure out why it is there? and IMHO i think the walls have too much texture repetition. i would proly add a second texture on top of that one (along the whole wall) with a lot of transparency, just to jumble it up a bit and make it look… not so repetitive. lastly, with all those lights in there (on the ceiling, near the floor on the wall) it seems like the hallway would be a bit brighter…

i hope that helps, and i cant wait to see the final animation! looks good so far

i like the lights at the bottom, but saying that , considering the amount of lighting in the scene, it is very dark. are lights not as effective in your future? did something happen to physics?

supargamer — thanks for the edit. Ok, the ship is a stasis ship and something goes wrong. The main computer then wakes up those in stasis and turns on all main computer things. I see now I should have lowered the light map brightness a bit to match the light effects. Here it is suppose to be in a slow wake up mod. ( I will redo the spec map and add another texture on top of the other. I will also change the floor.

Small Troll —thanks for the edit. those are low glow lights. Not to be a main light source but to light up the floor. the main light comes from wall lights ( not shown here) and ceiling lights.

i see, so it is supposed to be quite dark, as theres no one around to need lights. thats cool but if thats the case the overhead lights are too bright, the way they look they should be illuminating the whole corridor. if you want to give the impression that the lights are just warming up, then you need to soften the emit value a fair amount.

Ah…the beloved sci-fi hallway! One of my favorite settings :slight_smile:

Texturing: The spec and normal maps seem to have some problems (which is exaggerated, perhaps, due to light settings). Take a look at these maps and make sure your maps are similar in appearance.

Modeling: Why the low poly count? an animation scene can have a huge polycount and some detail will help you a lot. Especially in animations, while traveling down a corridor without much variation, the lack of detail will be obvious and distract your viewer.

Lighting: The ambient light is killing the image :*( If at all possible, never use ambient lighting.
If you are having trouble managing light sources and the quality of light:

  1. turn off all light sources
  2. render a nice black image
  3. enable one light at a time, adjusting them with all other lights disabled and make sure each one is doing exactly what you want
  4. when you have set each light individually, enable a couple at a time and tweak them so they work well together.

I typically don’t render with Blender, but I believe you will need to enable Indirect Lighting and increase the number of Bounces as required in the World Settings to use texture based lights. It doesn’t appear as though any light is coming from your light sources.

Here is a decent low level lighting scene that might give you some ideas. It utilizes the texture maps from earlier, among many others. With any lighting setup, it is very important to remember that without shadow, light is nothing. High quality normal maps and some extra modeling can help you pull some of those shadows out, and give you the depth that is missing from your first post.


thank you for your post, I have redone it and put in more polys. soon i will have a picture of it up, but i have to put in some objects first.

again thankyou!

Here is a redo of the hall way

i am going to add a wall panel computer (hologram like computer) and change the floor and ceiling texture. Add a touch pad to the grey piece that’s in-between door and the wall.