stasis room

Here is a update on my stasis room for my 3d animation.

one was done in regular NTSC the other in HD.

what do you you guys think?

blender 2.62

was this cycles or internal?
the walls and celing look good, maybe a little bumpmaping on the floor.
the pod on the left looks good but that computer console is a little bright.
the depth of feild seems high, unless you are trying to direct focus to the middle of the room.

just my 2cents… all looks pretty good though :slight_smile:

internal blender render. Yeah, everything has a spec map and a normal map under the texture map. The emitter on the computer i will have to play with though, I just want the screens glowing just a bit. Yeah, i want to the viewer to see the whole room, there will be other stasis tubes in the room so i will even out.

You may want to set your world to have Ambient Occlusion and/or Environment Lighting. You shadows seems really hard. Check out some Ray Shadows on your emitters and bump up the sampling, if you want to soften those up a bit. Also, I recently found a great trick in Anti-Aliasing where you bump it up to 16X and turn the Size for the Pixel Width Sample down to 0.500. Don’t worry about Full Sample at that point it only adds time with no discernible difference in quality.