Staslia Spaceport

Well, it’s time to put this picture in the Finished Projects forum. The spaceship and its interior aren’t done, but the picture is, I think! =)

So without further ado…

Staslia Spaceport

High Resolution

High Resolution

Thanks to all who helped me on this project. I suppose I could have continued tweaking it, but is anything ever really finished?

Hope everything is going okay with everyone!

Really nice modeling and texturing. only thing that distracts me is how deep the footprints are but other than that this is an amazing job! 5*

weel done!

I prefer the first image :slight_smile:

I like the first image better, too. Only the scale doesn’t really work for me. Right now the spaceport looks more like it has the size of a barn with the grating on the right being a man-sized entrance and in the front a 4-5 metre sized spaceshipmodel… I think it’s the way the building rises behind the dune. Hard to read where the scale is supposed to be hidden.

Thanks for the nice comments! =D

The first image is definitely better, I think. But I figured I’d make two just to be thorough. :smiley: