State engine debug helper


I assembled a little tool to debug states:

Just append the Object “StateDebug” into your scene, parent it to the object you like to see the states and switch on “Show Debug Properties”.


Thats a nice tool, I like the versatility of it.

I just found a very similiar tool in the new Apricot Techdemo (in chars/franky.blend). It even looks nicer :wink:

However maybe my version has a advantage, the parenting makes shure you dont have to mess with the logic and it will always stay with your debugged object.

An mine is shorter :wink:


Good job calli.
I already had in mind to add a built-in state debugger, for it is pretty basic requirement.
This could be done via a pseudo property “state” that would be linked to the internal state: enable debugging will display the state the way you did.
A better way, without risk of conflict with existing game, is to add a D button next to the state.
Using a built-in system rather than a Python is easier to setup for the user and takes less CPU.
Will add this on my todo list.