State of Blender Games Community

Hi guys,

I have been away from Blender for about 6 months now so I thought I would come back and see how things are going. I downloaded the latest Blender and was very impressed with the new interface and the fact that the game engine is back.

After playing with Blender for a while I decided to check out to see if any new games have surfaced and was a little dissapointed to see that very little has occured since my last involvement with Blender. If I just haven’t looked hard enough I appologise - please point me in the right direction of good blender games. I have already looked in the game list BTW!).

I also checked out the “Blender Games Expose” page ( and to my surprise I found all the links to these potentially excellent games are dead!!! (apart from crescent dawn, but there is nothing playable).

When I was involved with Blender some time ago, the most impressive game was HellStation. It’s very impressive and as far as I can see it has not been surpassed yet. What do you guys think about HellStation?

hellstation is the best game made in blender i think.
But there will come more games…
(I am not giving up at least…)

i think cresant dawn will be probably the best. its been in development a while, and the screens are AMAZING. as far as i know, vertigo isnt dead.

Hi Drum. Unfortunatly good games don’t get made without people putting in a lot of effort. We’ve all been waiting for you to come back and show us how it’s done!! HeHe!!!

Vertigo is still going strong, we’re working on and improving it pretty much every day. There’s a post made a while back with some screenshots from it. You can also check the link in my sig.

There is a distinct lack of new games being released lately. Which is why I think a new games contest should be held. We just need someone to organise one! Hellstation was made during the 2002 contest I believe.

Thanks for the replies guys. I have just played HellStation through again I am still very impressed.

Looked through the archives and noticed a link reviewing the following games:

Indiana Joe

Any idea where I can download these games (except for HellStation which
I already have)?

I can’t find them in the games list - Shoot’Em is mentioned but I can’t find a link…

Ask doogs. He did a review on them (can’t remember the site), and I could download them if I wanted to.

I see Hell station was apparently a submission for one of the game contests. Where can I find games from all the previous contests, or have they all dissapeared?

Also, did HellStation win?

Yeah, hellstation won.

My Twilight Quest Project is still on Ice. There are some Features i still miss in Blender. Like Culling, better Python support … Some of them comes up with the next Blender-Versions. Making Games is currently the Search for Alternatives to this missing Features. And when they come, all the Work is waste. So we wait a try some other Things we can use sometimes in our Games.

Hello, I did some game reviews, but I have no idea how to get them if those links are down… isnt there a sticky here? I also am the graphics/conceptual guy for crescent dawn, thanks for the comments, I am humbled.

Crescent dawn is in between being worked on and improved as each aspect of the game engine is being added. To be honest I wouldn’t really wait for a playable release in the near future. This is meant to be a substantial, depth oriented game that doubles as a true piece of artwork.



I have no idea if your links are down - where are they? If the reviews are done in a elysuin thread then I can’t find them - have looked everywhere! If you could give me a link to the reviews that you be great, thanx.

theres a sticky at the top of this forum. How could you miss it?


The link is down. :frowning:

I may be going insane or something, but I have examined all four pages of the “Blender Games/Demos/Tutorial list!” and the following games ARE NOT THERE - they aren’t even mentioned, never mind a link! (Shoot’em is mentioned actually, but only in the comments).

  • DrDoom (author is going to send me a copy soon and I will host it)

  • Indiana Joe

  • Expanse

  • Shoot’em

HellStation is only game from the contest that these games were created for that I can get hold of. I have searched high and low in the elysuim forums but nothing. What’s going on. Four of the best Blender games but no way to download them!!!

Indeed, sad to see that most of the entries are gone and can’t be downloaded. 2th Thing, I’ve got a huge liberary here, why? I tell you people later what I want to do with it.

But right now I’m in spain, I should put some games online when I come back, I think I have most of the games still on my pc. Last time I played Dr doom again, also nice game. :smiley:

Hey, what point of spain are you JD-Multi?

Hey! What about Legacy of Taro?! :wink:
(and don’t worry, it’s a LOT better than it is on my website, I haven’t updated it in a while.)

Drum: Legacy of taro has been intensely developed over the past 2 months, but I haven’t released the new version yet.

Will you be releasing soon? I have played the version on your website and it’s certainly has potential. Would be good to see the latest version.

That would be great! I have already received a copy of “drDoom” from the author but I have nowhere to host it. I could upload to my personal ISP webspace but there isn’t very much space left. Is anyone willing to provide web space for all blender games without a home, maybe!?