state of hybrid rendering

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but everything I’ve found so far discussing this question has been a bit old, and I’m hoping for an update. I remember a post on BlenderNation maybe about a year ago - I think it was probably developer meeting notes - that mentioned almost in passing that hybrid rendering should be possible with some changes that were forthcoming at the time. It was something to do with the rendering tiles, and the change was going to allow some tiles to be sent to the GPU, and some to the CPU, and each device wouldn’t even have to know the other was doing any work. I think this approach makes a lot of sense as a native feature, since tiles should in theory be completely independent of each other, and I was pleased to hear it was being worked on.

Any I haven’t heard anything since. Does anyone know what happened with this? I can’t find the original post that I’m remembering, or any follow ups about it.

Hi, it is possible to render one picture on CPU and GPU with OpenCL.
It work with Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, AMD is not full supported, only latest cards and latest beta driver kind of work.
You need a special driver for CPU too.
How it work:

Cheers, mib

Each scene can have it’s own render settings. One scene can render GPU from Cycles, the other Blender Internal on CPU. But it is a sequential process, one scene renders after another.

to do that… isn`t this part of gooseberry project?? maybe i understand there something wrong but luxrender has an option to do that.
maybe it is something completly different… dont know