State of the world

What are peoples thoughts on the state of the world?

Well,“still not destroyed” i think

I think we are all on the right track. Everyone is becoming more aware of the most serious problem of global warming. :wink:

… while a large number are becoming aware of the hoax of global warming! :stuck_out_tongue:

<best Chris Farley voice impression> instigator! </best Chris Farley voice impression>

Everyone has a different opinion which in my opinion . . . .

we need to laugh and make ourselfs happy , and we need to be productive as well .

What are peoples thoughts on the state of the world?

Do you really need to ask?

This gentleman, mzungu, does not think it is a hoax. Are you really going to say your opinion has more weight? Your country’s military is already making plans for catastrophic climate change, based on the work, not the opinions, the work, of climate scientists worldwide.

On Monday, 11 retired admirals and generals released a detailed 68-page report arguing that climate change could be a “threat multiplier” in already fragile parts of the world. Rising sea levels could threaten the livelihoods of 4 billion people living within 45 miles of Asia’s coastlines. In Africa, recurring heat waves could cause widespread shortages of food and water, leading to large-scale migrations and escalating tensions.

Anthony Zinni, a retired Marine general, made the point when he said that “we will pay for this one way or the other” - either now, to control the emission of greenhouse gases, or later, in military engagements and “human lives.”

Zinni holds positions on several boards of directors of major U.S. corporations. In addition, he has held academic positions that include the Stanley Chair in Ethics at the Virginia Military Institute, the Nimitz Chair at the University of California, Berkeley, the Hofheimer Chair at the Joint Forces Staff College, and the Harriman Professorship of Government and membership on the board of the Reves Center for International Studies at the College of William and Mary. He has worked with the University of California’s Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation and the Henry Dunant Centre for humanitarian dialogue in Geneva. He is also a Distinguished Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

His civilian awards include the Papal Gold Cross of Honor, the Union League’s Abraham Lincoln Award, the Italic Studies Institute’s Global Peace Award, the Distinguished Sea Service Award from the Naval Order of the United States, the Eisenhower Distinguished Service Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Chapman Award from the Marine Corps University Foundation, the Penn Club Award, the St. Thomas of Villanova Alumni Medal, the George P. Shultz Award for Public Service from the U.S. Department of State, and UNICO National’s Grand Patriot Award.

In 2007 he worked on a report entitled National Security and the Threat of Climate Change with 11 other retired military commanders. The report stated that global warming would act as a threat multiplier to global conflict.

we should seek peace through Tennis and Wimbledon!

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I think we will be lucky just to have an election in '08
but I think it is to late for reversing globale warming, they say by the year 2015 50 percent of all the species ever known to man will be extinct,
50 percent, will we be a statistic?
plenty of very importent species will be,
and then the criters that used to live off thoses newly extinct species will parish,
and pile ontop of globle warming a nucular strike, and then maybe a counter strike or 2, and globle warming will be catapolted to unbelievable levels of destruction

Very heavy thoughts indeed!

Climate Change and Global Warming are two different things.

One is scientific fact. Climate changes all the time. The other is an emotional and political message dressed up with science. It’s mostly predictions which may or may not come true.

The world may indeed be warming due to human activity, but predictions that it’s the end of the world are premature. A military general is not a scientist. Nor is Al Gore for that matter. They’re simply parroting conventional wisdom. And that changes all the time.

As for the state of the world, I think it’s pretty good. Could certainly be worse.

I’ve heard Global Warming’s a hoax because scientists have said there’s been plenty of global warmings in the past few millinea, and all the time the climate cools back down, some scientists think we’re at or nearing the crest of a natural warming cycle.

People are not causing global warming, there’s been more and more scientists saying it’s a bunch of hot air peddled by liberals and Al Gore.

On the upside all the paranoia is giving us better technologies and cleaner air.:wink:

For the state of the world, it’s getting worse from a Christian perspective, check WorldNetDaily for examples.

I am not as affraid of globel worming as much as I am of “Black Water”
Did you know that instead of sending help to people in New Orleans, Bush sent in “Black Water” with their sub machine guns to patrol the streets and keep people from “looting” water and food with the orders to “shoot to kill”
I also heard they were taking peoples guns while they were at it.
I think thet plane was to get the millitery out of the country and strand them in Iraq while the “Black Water” privete millitary gears up to control us in Marshal law,
Haliburton is building privet prisons in undisclosed locals across the country to hold undesierables, and the feds are doing “moch” mass round ups of thousands of fugetives simotaniously, to practice the art of rounding up mass amounts of people at one time across the country.

…this is the bit that’s a tad shaky. Is the world warming? Yes. Is it due to the “greenhouse gasses (e.g. CO2)” that are being produced by humanity? Not proven, tho its loudly claimed to be. Is it more likely to be due to fluctuations in a (exponentially larger) energy source, the sun? Many seem to think so. Is it merely another of many such fluctuations occurring throughout history as observed by science? Hmmm… :confused:

…more fuel for the flames :D:eyebrowlift:

Salvadore, no offense, but your a crackhead.

no offense, but you are sleeping at the wheel

Salvador, no ofence, but ur speling suks. :slight_smile:

I have heard of the Sun slightly increasing in brightness, and it’s not only giving this world more heat, did you know there’s global warming going on on Mars and other planets too?

Salvadore, conspiracy theories usually have no factual basis to them.