States, Host_Id depreticatied systems

Ok so,

The component cube works…


I am not sure why but for some reason It is not working as I intended,

Inteded use

If any faceProperty_1 through faceProperty_30 != “Empty”

Cast a ray from it’s paired face using index, example (faceProperty_05 = “Fire”)

FaceIndex_05 = “Face06” so cast ray from face 6 outward

if it hits a defined “Index face” (a face with a name with “Sensor_” on the front)

if faceProperty=“Parent”

Align to struck side and parent “Ray caster” to “Ray struck” then set own[faceProperty_]=“Empty”

Actual file

Passes property 1 time, then hangs up,

or parents once then hangs up,

I think either my if statment around line 72 is bad,

or it is something to do with “Host_Id” or states

basically I don’t know enough about what is in the script to find where it is going wrong,


This file was written by or with the help of Raco + MarcoIT + Agoose + KevinCornigan

most of it I understand, but I also understand that much of it is extra, (like the states and host_Id)

Can some one here that is expieranced sit down and get this working repeatably or point where it is going wrong?


RaySnapFilter (1).blend (795 KB)

I think I may be better off running a script every frame that collects a list of which items faceProperties != “Empty”
and if the list is not empty, then trigger “” and cast from each item on the list,

this could remove all the states etc…