States of Matter - Mograph Mondays Opening Titles

Opening titles for the January 2020 Michigan Mograph Mondays event in Detroit.

This was my first real project using Blender (after a little utility usage last summer), and my first time using AMD ProRender. Interesting challenge and a good learning experience!


  • Blender 3D 2.81a (modeling, lighting, animation)
  • Eevee (volumetric rendering)
  • Radeon ProRender 2.2 (shading, rendering)
  • Photoshop 2019 (textures and more)
  • After Effects 2019 (compositing and animation)
  • Premiere 2019 (audio and video editing)
  • Reaper 6.0.3 (foley effects)
  • Vuo 2.0.4 Beta (adapting ShaderToy procedural textures)
  • Quartz Composer 4.6.1 (effects prototyping)
  • FxCore 7.1.6 (effects programming)
  • FxFactory 7.1.6 (effects plugin creation)
  • Concepts App (storyboarding)