Sometimes when I make an actuator or sensor, it will stay in a certain layer…but other times, the sensor/actuator will follow me through other states in an object and it’s getting me really annoyed :confused: How do I put a sen/act from all layers into just a specific layer?

The Sensor/Actuator is only linked in one state, but shows up in multiple…why and how do I change that?

Are you talking about states or about layers? In case you were talking about states. If a sensor or actuator is connected to a controller in a specific state, it won’t show up in another state, unless it’s pinned. By default sensors and actuators are unpinned when added, so you might have pinned them by accident.

Sorry, I was talking about states, but I refer to each state as a layer…forgot they are two different things. Here’s before and after of what I’m talking about

That’s before
This is after
They are not pinned and they are connected somewhere else

I see. This happens when you have linked logic. That’s normal because states are local. So if a controller is linked to an actuator of another object, that actuator only looks at the state of its owner. But if it’s not connected to a controller on that owner, no state is registered, so it will behave as such.