static animated particles tutorial ?

Has anyone done a tutorial for animated static paricles i saw the snowman movie and thought that would be great if there were a tutorial?


You probably meant how to simulate fur and stuff like that (like snowman) using animated static particles…:wink:

Well, just make you static particles, as you would do to make a plant, press Animate and make your parent mesh subsurfed.

You do realize that it will only animate when the mesh is parented to an armature, right ?

Cheers. :smiley:

I was recently faced with the problem of making a head of hair appear to move naturaly. When using static particles parented directly to the head it looked like a solid block moving. Yech. :-?

Using the time offset helped a little, but it still didn’t flow well.

The answer? Make 2 duplicates of the original static particle object and adjust the life, number and seed for each so you have a little long hair, a bit more medium hair and lots of shorter hair. Make the head parent of all of them and set the time offset for the shortest=1, meduim=2 and longest=3 frames. When you move the head, you get quite a good hair swinging effect.