Static Cartoon Character Sculpt (2016 Samurai Jack Adult Swim)

So, uh, in honor (And excitement:cool:) of a personal favorite childhood show from the past that mysteriously came back from the dead I am attempting to take an early piece of new promotional art (Bottom of post) and recreate it in 3D, with the target platform being Sketchfab.

So after 3 days of (mostly off) sculpting this is what I have so far.

(Perspective shot)

(Base mesh)

Personal thoughts:
The hair right now is a separate mesh and I am probably just going to start over on that. The beard’s a mess. The facial expression isn’t translating well. The sword is going to be made last, I just need that for reference. The show itself is very angular and has an emphasis on basic shapes. I’m trying to go for a blend of the show’s flat look and a more organic look, but feel I’m failing in the former. And the latter, to an extent. I am unsure of how I want to make the tattered clothing at this point. And I am going to do the feet. The character wears sandals, and I am assuming he still is. I have to make some assumptions on the lower half. Overall I feel I’m on the right track, but somewhat confused as to what I’m doing. I really need a second opinion on this.

This is deliberately a posed sculpt, and is not intended for rigging. (Which I assume is obvious) I will probably be retopologizing this and cleaning it up from the sculpt.

Orthographic shots

(Original art)