Static Fur and Softbody

Using sketchy’s fur texture

I believe I found way to use a softbody to animate static particles.

How it works

  • The force level applied to the particles, is based on the location of the empty. (Using a python script)
  • The empty is parented to a point on “plane”.
  • The plane is softbody-ized.
  • The plane is parented to the “cube,” or particles.

How to animate

  • Just animate the location of “cube”

Here is the Blend:
Here is a test animation:

Special thanks to:

Well it’s very inspiring to go on; when no one even said “it sucked.” %|

Anyways I still need to work on rotation.

And as for character-zied static fur softbody (the fur is moving as a whole, not based on individual parts.)

It works very well!

It looks very interesting. Good work Calvin. Will have to study it further. :slight_smile: