static fur library tut pg one and painted particles pg 3

I have created a bit of a fur library with the new particles, probably not as good as sketchys but you can learn a bit about the new particle system

they look so soft and fuzzy :smiley:
Thanks for sharing.

thanks for the encouragement, im working on King kongish fur so i will post it if it turns out ok.

Adorable. Many thanks, higher power! :smiley:

Looks cool! can you tell me how you made those? I don’t know anything about particle effects.

Looks cool! can you tell me how you made those? I don’t know anything about particle effects.

sure i will, I will write a tutorial on making one of the furs above, whoever chooses first i will do. you need a buld of blender that has strands, you can use this one if you want (its what i use for windows only)

This one please

top one next to the green on the right, it is brown with white long hairs.


Sure (its my favorite one) i cant do it untill tommorow or the next day, i have a party that starts soon.

Adios amigo


And you probably did the one with the white hairs using (particle) children, right? :slight_smile:

And you probably did the one with the white hairs using (particle) children, right?

what one Brown with white hairs, the white one or the crazy one?

any way i acctualt dident use particle children for any of these


Step 1, setting up the sphere

Ok fire up blender delete the default cube or plane or whatever it is that your user default has, now press space-add-mesh-UVsphere, make it 32 segments and 32 rings, that means that your sphere has 32 horizontal lines and 32 vertical lines. Now press tab to exit edit mode and enter object mode

You should now have something that looks like this

Step 2. Wow, particles.

Well done, that was easy hey.

ok now press F7 to enter the object buttons, now click the physics buttons button it looks like this ok now click “new” in the particles tab.

Now press static, drag the “amount” from 1000 to 30000 (this is how many strands the sphere will emit. and press vect (this turns the dots into lines)
Your menu should now look like this

Now press the “particle motion” tab and change the values of normal to 0.010 by shift clicking on it then typing in the new value, also change random to 0.010, in the force section change Z to Z:-0.02

So your menu should look like this

Now make sure num lock is on & press 0 on the number pad and you will go into the camera view now scale to the right size (by pressing s) and move it around by pressing G until it is aligned with the camera and press F 12 to render it you should get something along these lines

YAY end of step 2 give your self a pat on the back from me

Step 3, Materials & thickness

Ok now we go into the shading buttons-materials

Change the values of red to 0.300 green to 0.150 and blue to 0.000 and alpha to 0. Now click the stands button, use tangent shading and change the values to start 10.000 END 1.000 SHAPE -0.900

the menu will look like this now

Ok now press F6 to go to the texture buttons, click add new, texture type-blend, then press he colour tab, colour band then change the values according to this picture

Ok now go back to the shading buttons F5 then click the “map input” tab and press strand, now to the “Map to” tab and turn col off and alpha on.

now click on the mirror transp tab and click “z tranzip”. and hope fully it looks like this,

Step 4, Adding the white bits

Ok all i did here was duplicate what we just made by pressing shift D going back to the object mode then into phisics buttons turning the amount down to about 600 and in particle motion buttons turning the normal up to 0.020

then going into the shading buttons click add new and change the coulour from brown to white.

now you should have something that looks like this

oh and i forgot to say please post your final result or evan fur that you have created using the same method

Many many thanks for the tutorial. Here is mine.

Yeah, brown with white hairs.

It’s really easy to do using particle children (can assign a different material as well).

great work Boder, although i think that if you made less white hairs and sdjusted your lighting setup it could look evan better

zupermonkey: im currently fiddling with children, wait that sounded bad, you know what i meen

this is supposed to look like sully from monsters inc’s fur i made it using the same techneque

How did you get the light blue in patches? Did you apply some procedural texture as an alphamap?

yes, i just added a costomised magic texture not for alpha but as a colour and kept my blend texture, just make sure the second texture is not applied to stands.

Nice one!! Maybe add it to the zip?

Darn, I really would like a material library with a method a bit more advanced than the current “append” function. Now, we have this .blend with Aidan’s settings, we have sketchy’s classical fur lib, we have Hanzo’s lib, then there is Blender Material, Sonix Car material lib and the pre-historic Matlib library. (Of, course we’re still waiting on Timmeh’s library, but that’s another story) Next to these, there are a whole sets of .blends with just the odd texture (like the what-'s-his-name fireball)…
We (well ok, I) could really use a concentrated, easily extendable material repository. Much easier said than done I realize, but one can always hope…
Of course, I’ll keep on collecting nice, euh, collections like these whenever they are offered. Thanks a lot Aidan :stuck_out_tongue:

ok ive just uploaded the sully fur to the model repository but it takes a little while to aprove it he checks of virus’s and stuff.