static grass problem

The problem you can see from the picture. Grass goes through my birds wings. How can I set settings so that they doesnt come through my character?

I am using old particle system, because I dont know how to make particles static in Jahkas particle system. How can I make them static and collide to my bird?
Or in old particle system, how can I make them collide to my bird?

I hope you had some idea:p.



Maybe, if you make the particles follow curve guides, and set the curve guides to be softbody, and let the bird deflect softbody, it will work. Or, use Jahka’s system and you can just make the particles softbody!

Thanks for help. I founded solution for now, I just modelled emitter mesh so that my particles doesnt emit under the bird.

Strange thing is that when I make normal blend-file curve guide works almost automatically, but in this blend-file it doesnt work. Weird problem, I would want to have solution to it. If someone knows why it happens, it would be great!


An SVN build with new Jahka particles lets you attach forcefields to animated objects to move grass out of the way, it’s what the Project Peach people are using to move grass out of the way when their characters walk.

I will try SVN, but I actually dont know how to install it.:spin: I am using ubuntu.

what is SVN and ubuntu?


SVN - Subversion Version Control System

Ubuntu is a community supported linux distribution.

I use Ubuntu, and get the latest build from

If you have SVN - (easy to install on Ubuntu using Synaptic), you can get the source and build your own Blender, or just get one of the prebuilts from graphicall. They are easy to install - just unzip to a directory and create a launcher. I have 3 different versions on my Ubuntu machine, and they work happily side by side.

Best of luck!