Static Hair Coloring Library - work in progress

Inspired by BrianH’s library for static particles, I’m building a simple library of human hair shading materials.

This library is not done yet, but is ready for initial comments. No OSA was applied, and the styling is strictly utilitarian.
(reduced for inline viewing)

After this, and after a bit more hairstyling practice, I may make a second library which offers up to 19 ready-styled wigs. Just stretch the mesh a bit and plunk it on your characters’ heads.

Superb idea. You might want to compress the picture in .jpg for smaller size.

Really nice.
I think some might disagree on the term “dirtyblonde” though :]
Idd, 2.5 megs is a bit big.

(1) give me a term that’s used more widely; I wasn’t making any commentary with the name but that’s pretty much all I’ve heard it called. Maybe sandy blonde, but I don’t see how that’s less disagreeable.

(2) what’s the ‘IDD’ term, I’ve seen it but not seen it explained. I agree 2.5MB png was a bit larger than necessary, and will reduce it tonight.

Oh, and separately, I’ve added a “Salt and Pepper” channel to each material, to add some gray hairs to the mix. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to IPO the “Brightness” parameter of a texture, so I can’t easily give an animation of someone going gray in a hurry. Other IPO-available parameters don’t seem to let me adjust the ratio of young hairs to gray hairs.