Static model

Hi, I’m new to blender and this forum. So hello guys and girls :slight_smile:

i need help. (Using blender 2.70)

i have a human character mesh model with avastar armature attached, I posed the model the way I want it.

how do i detach the armature and keep the mesh posed so I can upload use the mesh model as a static mesh for second life.

everything I’ve tried the model snaps back to the t-pose.


Apply the armature modifier. Apply as in press the apply button on the modifier.

Thanks, tried that and says “modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with shape keys” so I tried removing shape keys and the mesh deforms

Set it to whatever pose and shape you want to freeze at and then from the mesh properties/shapekeys panel delete the Basis shape or if you have several shapes from the menu in the panel (arrow on left) choose new shape from mix, and then delete all the other shapes…

That’s if your shapekeys are relative. (if they are not relative post back)

I am assuming you did not make this rig so you would not know if there are bone driven shapes in it?