Static Particle Animation IPO ?

Hi there,

i’ve asked this before but didn’t get a response, so a more detailed question.

I’m working on a kind of furball char, but what i need is a change of Particles normal velocity over time. Especially ther normal-parameter would be great to animate. So that to say in the first 100 frames of animation the chars hair would react in a normal way hanging down the z-axis but then over a few frames the z-force will be completely substituted by a normal-velocity.

Okay tried everything, but i can’t add an key-frame on particle’s velocity.

Okay could do this by letting the texture control this thing over time with an animated texture, but this is far to complicated for my purposes an needs tweaking here and there. So if there is a way to ipo-control particle-velocity settings please let me know.

Thank you.

Not with Static. The ‘Animation’ button next to Static is dedicated to the 2 Texture options.


Hey and thanks, but i think you didn’t get my prob.

I’m missing a way to animate the normal-param out of the Particle-Motion Menu. Cause the texture control way is to complex for my believes. Cause for a controlled way i must use UV, and im not really familiar with it.

Just wanted to know whether there is a way to control this parameter over time.