Static Particle Questions...

Ok, here is my probably all-too-common question, but I can’t figure it out!
When I use static particles to try and make grass, hair, etc, I can always see the individual halos. Even when I increase the halo size it looks a little messed up, you can always tell its a bunch of circles in a row. I tried changing the particles to vectors, and it looks slightly better, but still a little odd. Here is a pic…

Look at the bottom part of the picture. Is there any way to make the static particles one smooth chain?

I know I’m not really helping, but I always have problems with particles and their texturing - could you enclose the parameters you used for the particles, materials and textures? I’m particularly interested in how you changed the colour of the particles along their length.

No problem.
What I did to get the color change was create a spotlight, set it’s power to around 3, then turned on halo.
Then I set the halo material for the particles to Shaded, and Halo Tex.
So, the particles behave like an other item, casting shadows.
Having trouble getting my computer to save the screen, I’ll upload it to show everyone what I did…

Here are two links for the pictures of my material and particle settings.

Particle Settings:

Material :

There’s a mini-tutorial in the Blender documentation that shown how to make a halo texture appropriate for hair in a static particle system.

Try the bottom of this page.