static particles can't reflect or cast shadow?

I’m using static particles for hair, grass, etc. I’ve discovered that static particles don’t reflect or cast shadows. How do we remedy this?

For example: create a head, have it emit static particles so that you have hair on the head. Then have the fellow look into a mirror - a plane with material set to full reflection. Turn on ray tracing and render with F12. The fellow himself will have hair, but his reflection in the mirror will show him bald!

Also, the static particles don’t cast shadows. To test, turn on ray tracing shadows on your light source and see that the ray traced render will create shadows for everything except for your hair, grass, fibers, etc.

How can we make static (or static animated) particles reflect and cast shadows? Thanks.

Blender does not support this currently.



you can reflect halo materials, and wire materials using envmaps

there isn’t a hack to allow that to be done using raytraced reflections yet

also, you could use the fibre script to generate a mesh, or instead of regular halos you could use dupliverted mesh objects with among the other textures, a sphere or halo blend modifying alpha [this would render even slower, but could cast shadows as you complain and ought to look just as bad for hair]