Static Particles Grass Tutorial (1mbJpg,VeryDetailed) good for noobs like me :)

Took me about 1.5 hours to write this tutorial. I’ll update it when Blender 2.50 comes out and add animating techniques and weight painting. It’s detailed enough that most people should be able do it and I’ve tried to explain as much as possible, but, we’ll see. If you have any problems with it, just reply here and I’ll be happy to help.
The two textures the tutorial refers to are: <came from another member ‘Imperitor’ who made a grass tutorial before me.
and from this site

Like I said, I’ll update this soon enough, but personally I got better results when I lengthened the grass a bit more than I used here.

Thats pretty good but why the jpeg?

A good tutorial.
Even slightly better than Imperitor’s Grass Tutorial.
Great job.

wow, this is great. I’ll go and try it right now!

wow amazing! :slight_smile:

Well designed tutorial. I like the fact that’s in a JPEG format.
It makes it look more orignal.

- AniCator

Is it just my internet blocker or is there no link for the tut?