Static Particles/Particles

I’m a noob at this :(, but when you generate particles, are they only created at the vertices? Because if they are, how do you make grass or fur using static particles and get them to cover the whole side of the mesh? I want to create grass for a scene, but I don’t know how…

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check out the fiber script in the python section - much better than static particles

I was kind of thinking like this:

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In the particles buttons there’s a button called Face, press that to emit particles from the face as well as the verticies.

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How do you make grass (with textures, et al.)? :frowning:

It makes individual particles…

How do you make static particles look like grass? :frowning:

this really helped me alot. scroll down about half the page.

What you do is replace the particles with a alpha-textured mesh. So you got your mesh with the particles right? Make a plane with an alpha texture of a blade of grass. Select the plane, shift select the particle mesh and Alt+P to parent. Now select the particle mesh and hit dupliverts. Now all those particles will be replaced with the blade of grass textured plane.

This is a bit of a pain to get to look good, but fortunately RipSting has a brilliant script called Fiber Generator that makes the best grasss I’ve seen to date. Get it here and go to the Fiber Working Thread if you have troubles with it.

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