static particle's test

ok i did this little guy, in reference of (bottom of page) this is my first time using static particles

im not asking for your crit’s on the modle im asking for crit’s on the hair.

here’s fluffy!

Pretty cute, but try to make the particles much more dense so i looks like hes completely covered with hair :slight_smile:

how would i make them more dense?

Subdivide the emitter mesh.


:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: i knew that…cough

make them less bright also

this better?

how do i make them less bright? sorry for the noob q.'s

edit the material

:expressionless: :expressionless: …better?

i’m sure skeletor meant to say( but if he didn’t do it anyway) turn the “shaded” button on in the materials settings.its at the bottom of the list under the halo button.

lol…i cant get anything rite

well i did that, and i got this

is it supposed to be really dark at the top there?

or do i just need to change the lighting?

Nice one. To get rid of that dark spot, I think you can try a few things:

  • Turn up the amount of specularity of the material
  • Turn up the amount of reflection of the material
  • Turn down the hardnes of the material
  • Let the hair emit a little bit light

I hope you understand what I mean.


reminds me of a little guy I did when I Was looking at static partcles… 'cept the feet I never had those.

Then I found the Fiber script so I went with that… LoL

But it looks cool!! U should make him like a super hero or something!! LoL

LOL!!! awesome…ill try that

oh walibie ill try those, it seems like it should work. thx for the help