Static particles

Hello to all! :smiley:

I want to buid a “city” from aleatoric cubes, using the new static particles improvement (2.35).

The problem is I dont found any tutorial regarding the new 2.35 static particles and I dont know how it works… can somebody explain me, please? (the official Blender 2.35a page is a little to briefly for me… :smiley: )

Thanks a lot,

Do you mean by “the official Blender 2.35a page”, this page: ?

Why would you want to use static particles anyway? Don’t Dupliverts alone work for building a city?

Yes, that page. I don’t understand wich is the 2.35a improvement for static particles and how work it.
What can we do with 2.35a or 2.36 and can’t before v2.35 with static particles?

For the “city” I want buildings from aleatorical-dimension cubes, with many cubes for a single building.

(sorry for my english) :smiley: