Static perticles wont render with Yafray

I’m trying to make a bear in blender at the mo and i recently downloaded Yafray. For some reason, yafray does not want to render the static particles that are the fur. help?!

If your particles are halos, YAFRAY won’t render them, because Yafray does not support halos.

Instead of halo’s, try emitting dupliverted planes with a fur texture on it. The planes should probably look somewhat like this to make sure they don’t look flat from certain angles:

Or you could render out only the particles in Blender and then composite them over the Yafray render.

Thanks for the reference egg, but what exactly do you mean? and is there any way at all to make good looking fur in yafray? it’s and awesom add to blender so far.

It’s possible to, instead of emitting pure particles as halo’s, attach an object to every particle. What I meant was using a crossed-plane (like LohnC’s) as this object. If you add a fur texture to this object (map it to Alpha, so it won’t really look like plane, but like a strand of fur) you can probably get some decent fur.
Explanation to use an object as a particle
“Real” fur and hair (like Sully’s) is very hard to do at the moment, with Yafray too. The closest people ever got was with exporting to Renderman:

um… i’ll try it out, thanks. Another thing has cropped up, for some reason, wether i render with yafray or not, my little bear always turns up as if i haven’t subsurfed it, and looks as if i’ve done a really bad job in modelling it. i don’t know how to post pictures, or i’d show you[/img]

Posting a picture would be done by uploading the image to ImageShack. They give you a link which you can copy and paste here.

There are two types of Subsurf: Subsurf in realtime and on rendertime. You probably only have realtime set, so only your control cage will show up at rendertime. The left slider is for realtime and the right for rendertime. Up rendertime too.

Oh my god.
You rock.
Thanks a heap man, i’ll post any more troubles i have in this forum too, you rock

hey, i’ve got a progress thread up now, it’s called Captain Bluebear (yes BEAR not BEARD) come and see my all new troubles there! a great day in for the whole family!