Station 23

First post on his forum. And my first Blender project.

I’m a games artist and I usually use Maya but I thought I’d give Blender a go. I’ve been tinkering with it for years, mostly FX stuff. I wondered if I could do all the stuff I usually do in Maya. It turns out you can, mostly; and a bit more too.

First image is the main station in the background and a tug craft in the fore. I comped in some blender clouds which obviously were rendered using internal. The skybox was painted in Pshop.

Here’s the raw cycles render.

Another angle from the other side of the station. You can see the eco pods. I think this is the main function of the station, seeding the planet below. For some reason I couldn’t get the picture in so there’s a link instead.

Anyway I’ve been looking at this far too long to see it objectively anymore, which is where you come in.

What would you improve? What composition would you go for? What should you be the main focus?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

The modeling and details and excellent, the compositing of the volumetrics adds alot, the materials are solid. Well that’sa bout it, finished!

My eyes are naturally drawn to the composited volumetric lights which are mint condition. Maybe add a couple more og those lights, a grid can look good. I then ask myself what is that writing, is there someone in there. My eye then travels across to the teardop pod of the left. I am a little confused what the material on the side facing us is. Is it a window, a hatch, not sure. Maybe use that to hint at a tiny bit of story. Perhaps it is dark glass with the silhouette of a human (or non human) Maybe there’s some leaking gas and there’s an issue with the craft. I don’t know, it’s a very technically good structure, perhaps the human element or aluding to it would add soemthing.

I might try out some different focal lengths and see what happens. But over all really good. Or Jolly good as it is in England. :wink:

This is quite nice. A very moody and technically excellent scene. As was stated, perhaps a topic, or little story in the image may be in order. But this is quite up to snuff, sci-fi wise, and a great start. =)


The docked shuttle is way to big. Compare the docking ports and the station’s bridge with the shuttle. Either it has huge windows or it doesn’t fit the size of the station.

That’s cool

Excellent project!
Just feel that the image’s a little dark.

Very nice, but a couple of things - I think the structure needs some more detailed textures to “grunge” it up a bit more, it’s more noticeable in the linked image -
and makes the model look a little bland in places. The scaffolded supports for example kind of jar with the texturing of the main model if you get my drift.

The backdrop lacks detail and I would personally use a real image from NASA - Hubble or somewhere - with some nice nebulas and spiral galaxies and such, or make some space scenes in Terragen or with Photoshop plug ins.

Nevertheless, inspiring work!