stationary cloud

how do i do this?
i tried particles but they shoot all over the place.
i just need a raincloud that stays there.
i made the rain. with particles and wind

Have you seen the tutorials at this site?

i need something simpler! al

waaaaay to hard for me to understand!

There’s nothing really difficult about it. You simply make a few planes (the array modifier works great for this, place an empty somewhere in the scene, add a cloud texture to the plane, enable ZTransp, lower the alpha value to zero, enable the Alpha button on the Map To tab, Enable the Object button on the Map Input tab, and finally type the name of the empty into the OB: field next to the Object button. Now whenever you move the empty the clouds will seem to flow through the planes you created in the first step. It can be a bit render intensive because you’re using procedural textures and you also need ray shadows enabled so the clouds will have good depth but it’s really worth it. See how this livened up my scene in this short clip:

You’ll need the DivX codec to watch the clip. VLC media player comes with it and is probably the best media player out there, plus it’s freeware.