Stationery verticies in softbodies

Hello reader

i have just made some trousers to put on my model fat-man but when ever i play the fall down much to his embarrassment. so i was wondering how do you get the top vertices to stay still whilst the rest dangles down his chubby legs? i used to know how to do it in the old physics engine that blender 2.45 used to have but this new blender physics engine is like bumping you’re head so you lose all memory of physics in blender and having to learn it all over again. anyway, to stop you getting bored with me blabbering on, may you please answer my question (if you know how to do that is and not the question of life as we all know thats 42). thanks in advance.


For the Cloth simulator, you would use “Pinning” of vertices. And for Softbodies, I think you want to look at “Goals”.

i tried that but they still kept om falling down!

ill try it again.


In WeightPaint… are those still all blue? I noticed that the red 1.0 influence is the fixing factor.
Could it help you?

EDIT: i just went through 2 days of banging my head on the walls with a similar issue… DichotomyMatt and bjornmose just helped me out of it today!! :wink: