Statistically blue

Havn’t touch blender for a long time… I tried to make some DOF with this one, but just can figure out the correct setting for the zblur plugin. :frowning: Yes I’ve read the tutorial. It just don’t look like a zblur, just normal blur - everything blurs the same amout. Can someone give me any idea?
So I’ve done some BAD gimp.

Anyway, this is called statistically blue. C&C are welcome.

Try playing with the clip settings for the camera. I had tons of trouble when I first used the ZBlur plugin. With enough tweaking I finally got it to work but I can never remember what I did to fix it. I have the same problem everytime I want to use it. That’s good that you’re at least getting it to blur. The camera clip start and clip end settings should fix your problem.

Thanks for the hint, finally zblur works. :slight_smile: