Statler and Waldorf - don't heckle me, please!

The Muppet Show is coming to Disney Plus shortly, so I felt inspired to do some Maginficent Muppet Modeling. I’m trying to finish Statler and Waldorf before The Muppet Show launches on Disney Plus.
So I’ve got my work cut out for me.
Here’s my first WIP of Statler’s sculpt.

And here’s a new update.
He’s definitely recognizable.

Since the shape is relatively basic, I think retopologizing shouldn’t be too diffcult.
(famous last words)


Yup. Retopologizing is sooooo easy.

Getting there. I’m not completely sure I’m doing it right, but it’s a relatively clean mesh.

I’m trying to get Waldorf’s likeness, but for someone who’s basically ball shaped it’s not an easy model to recreate.

On the left my first attempt. On the right the second one in progress.

I do have the feeling I’m talking to myself all the time.

Made a big jump today. They’re definitely improving.
Statler needs some ears and sideburns, but then I’m done modeling wise.

The skin is procedural, but I’d like to combine it with some painting for the inside of the mouths.
I just can’t remember how to combine procedural textures with painted ones.


I think they’re already quite recognizable. Nice job.