Status of slow ATI Catalyst driver

I’m a new Blender user and installed v2.4 a few days ago. The GIU and menu build-up was unusually slow on my P4 system (XP-home 512 MB, Asus Raedon 7000).

I found the solution in the forum thread “Does anyone have a working ATI OpenGL driver DLL?”. It appeared that the ASUS Readon graphics card uses an ATI chipset and the ATI Catalyst driver (or is a ATI card with a different name?).
I downloaded the old atioglxx.dll - linked to in one of the messages - into the Blender directory, and … Blender was normally responsive.
Good Work, here in the user forums!

The ATI (openGL) driver installed on my system is version 6.14.10 dated December 2003.

Does anybody know if the current ATI driver (Catalyst 6.4) fixes this problem?

It’s worth a shot, but take note your card IS rather old.

i have an ati 9200 and have the newest drivers whatever version they are and it runs fast and i have no slowdown issues and untill i upgraded all the textures had weird bands instead of gradients