Statwars type city

Starwarian city Prototype

DivX 5.0.3.

Used POVRAY for this one.

damn didn’t know that Geocities could be that fast downloaded it in 4 secs

models and so look has his own style/feeling.
I would redo the camera movement.

for example first camera up, cameramovement stops, fllyby machines.
( that’s about double time of animation)
Hope this makes any sense


Cool! I don’t think these cities are starwars type…but I’m interested in these non photo real rendering. I thought pov-ray is for photorealistic.

VERY neat! sorry I haven’t commented sooner, but I couldn’t see it! but now that I have, I love the “feeling” you set with it! very very nice… could use some more polys on the windows! to make them “stand out” you need to extrude da windows! other than that, GREAT work!

Hey! check out the bwarg topic in the off topic forum! we’re making an effort to revive this wonderful organization!