Stay Alive

You must find the secret behind the Garuge plantation but to do that, you must STAY ALIVE

My fellow blender artists i have an idea, for those of you who remember the 2006 movie called Stay Alive then you will agree with me when i say that the cgi footage in the movie of this game the ppl were playing looked KICKASS:ba: so i thought maybe i should bring it to life
now i will do the modeling for the game so all i need is somone with a great knoledge of scripting and btw this cannot be done with the blender game software because the models in the game have to be similar to those in the movie and the ones in the movie are very lifelike.
the only other thing i need is somone to be the texture artist and this person must know how to apply the texture to the model for i do not.
If you think that your gutsy,patient,and good enough for this please give it a try all im hoping is that this idea doesnt fall through the cracks.

What flavor is it?

Right… and I want a great big unicorn with wings and a magic carpet that can fly me to the land of the pink armadillos where we can all get along and feed eachother candy all day long.

It’s not gonna happen kid, plus that movie sucked.

Can I get it on a stick?

ok first of all dont call me kid second of all i really dont care on the quality of the movie, and third of all truthfully its absolutely possible and hell if i new how to script and texture and rig i would do it myself

pink armadillos


It hasn’t got no bloody flavor! It’s a bloody seabird!

Why don’t you check out some tutorials on how to do those things?