Stay clear of new Nvidia drivers

Stay clear of the latest Nvidia drivers.

I’m running XP 32-bit, with driver version 182.08 on an 8800GTS 320MB PCIe card.

I can’t select using the B key or circle selection, i can’t select faces or edges and everytime i move the cursor outside of the 3D window or use a pop up menu the screen goes black and the mesh/ objects go red and green.

I know they have moved to full support of OpenGL 3.0, i wonder if they have dropped some support for older versions of OpenGL… Anyway, if you have an Nvidia card i’d not recommend upgrading your driver.

I have vista-32 bit with driver version 185.20, 8600m gt, it runs rather fine :D, not sure what’s up with your driver version.

damn i so hate this, you should call customer support

185?.. dont think they have 185 drivers… all of the 8m Series drivers i could see were 179 even the beta versions… you sure on that 185 number?

I can’t remember exactly how to fix this, but if you go into the
nividea control panel and choose ‘let the application decide’
that fixed that red flickering for me. It might be a different scenario now though :smiley:

Well I don’t have those drivers yet so I will install them and see if I come across the same issues.
EDIT: Apparently I do have them installed. :expressionless: I haven’t had any issues though.

Positive :),, they mod the .inf files so most all nvidia cards can run off the same driver.

185 is the latest beta drivers. 180.35 is latest release version I think. It is on Linux anyway.

Hi Daniel,

I’m running the same drivers on Windows XP 64 bit…Nvidia GTS 250…No problems here.

P. Monk

I’m running 180.37 on linux, no problem.


I guess it’s just an issue with the 8800GTS then… that’s wierd, but then again the driver version may be the same but it’s probably diffrent for every chipset.

Anyway i’ve downgraded to november 2008 drivers and it’s running fine, no errors at all :slight_smile:

make sure your color depth is 32bit…I have issues when I go to say 16bit with selections and the black and red models in the viewport.

182.08, XP64, 9800GTX+

works like a charm.

I’ve had the red and black thing with AA being forced onto Blender by the Nvidia drivers. However - that was only for editing in the viewport - worked fine for the game engine for playing YoFrankie - which is why I tried turning it on in the first place. (8600GT)

Yes, good point AA, can do that as well…normally when you leave the 3D viewport or open a menu.

I have the same problem and it comes from using the AA from the control panel. The only thing is I want to use AA but when I occlude the background geomtry and then select a menu option the window turns black and the mesh turns red. Can someone with a different card see if the same thing happens also.

double post sorry

There is no work around for having AA enabled. You will get artifacts in most 3D applications with AA enabled, also it’s a bad idea since even modern graphic cards take a huge hit with AA enabled, since they have to sample each pixel x amount of times.

Your best off just leaving AA off.

AA bad for graphic applications :stuck_out_tongue:

What I did manage in the end was to have AA specifically on for the YoFrankie program and not on for Blender. It should be easy enough to install two builds of Blender (possibly the same one two times or one standard, one optimised - etc) and then tell the drivers to AA one and leave AA off the other one. Then use them accordingly for testing stuff with AA and modelling/editing stuff without AA.

Just a thought.