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Another pile of rocks.

I’m still refining methods of creating a large number of rocks that look decent, without having to model them all by hand. I think this batch turned out pretty nice. Still a few issues with displacement in thin areas and where angles are too acute.
CC0 texture on the ground plane and hdri. The rock material is fully procedural.

I was working on my rock shader today, and got it to a point where I was pretty happy with it. So I appended it to a new scene to test it out… and this happened!

Still trying to work out what happened, and how to fix it.

So the issue was saturation and value.
In the original file where I was building the shader, I was in full sunlight, and made the colors quite dark. I had a hue/saturation node in the color chain where I also increased the saturation and decreased the value even more. After appending it to the new scene and setting up a forest with shade, I raised the value to make the colors lighter. Without also adjusting the saturation, this appears to have brought some of the colors above 1.0, which causes them to reflect more light than they receive. Thus the ‘glowing’ rocks.
I tweaked a little, but much more needs to be done to make these rocks work in shadows and sunlight together. Here’s a challenging scene with dark shadows and bright sunlight with the unfinished colors. The moss also needs some attention.

Torus with a displacement shader. Depth of the displacement controls transmission, so we get these windows. Inside, another torus with a noisy emission.
I just threw the noisy bump on to break up the surface. I think it could look a better if that were more carefully done.
Displacement texture was created with JSPlacement. Converted to 32-bit, and blurred it slightly in Gimp. Without this we get stepping (and the edges are too sharp).

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Some goofing around with a cylinder.


Had a surprising ‘accident’ today, so I went with it:

It’s a cube with a boolean difference creating a long square hallway. Then the cube is deformed with a lattice, twisting the tunnel. The crazy crystal teeth things are from a musgrave texture displacement.

After watching another of @Mantissa’s great videos (thanks for putting them out!), I was inspired to try playing with hair. Some goofing around, and I decided to go for underwater tentacles.

Not super-thrilled with the results, but it was neat to play with :).

A test render I saved along the way:

And a really early fast test. I lost several of the appealing features of this render along the way, which is sad.

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Some beautiful images I will keep an eye on your scetchbook :slight_smile:

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