Steal Smelter Scene

i have not been around here in a while.
or done a lot with blender in a while.

i stated a project yesterday to play with all the new toys in 2.81
i like this scene but it looks CG to me.
do you guys have any advice to make it look not as CG.

i know that i need to change the textures on the rails closest to the camera and all so most of the conduit repeats and will fix that.

thanks, John.

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hi, you need more rubbish on the ground, especially more smaller pieces.
Then the volumetric light from the top, it’s not parallel like from the moon or sun - maybe you should fix that. Did you use an HDRI for reflections? The chain seems a bit of where it hits the ground.
hope this helps a bit.

A true industrial setting probably would not have sky-light. There would be light fixtures overhead and probably around the catwalks. I’d suggest surfing for old photos to see how actual factories handled this.

I dig it. Maybe a little DOF? I like it. Even more detail? With normals or debri gribble.