stealing hair

My weekly project, testing new concepts, change the color and some new things I’m trying … hope you like it. made entirely in Blender 2.67.2

A real unique compostion…nice job!

Took me a little while to figure out exactly what was going on but the whole time I still thought it looked great! One thing though, the frog’s hair doesn’t seem to fit with the frog, try a tribal type mohawk or something but wings just don’t seem to work.

A mohawk is not a bad idea. I actually had a rubber frog which I gave a mohawk out of angora sheeps wool, and it looked quite stylish. It’s a great render and concept, but I agree about the nature of the hair being a bit confusing.

This is really good! I like the colors you used for the hair on the frog’s wings especially.

Great colors and awesome concept!

I couldn’t figure out who the victim was right away, either, but that wouldn’t be hard to fix.

Really unique and cool! Not sure what’s up with the frog’s right-back leg is doing though.

Cool indeed…nice colors…made me think of the old saying…which seems to apply…“Fine as frog’s hair , split three ways and sanded”…thanks

Thanks for looking at my work