Stealth game WIP

I am currently working on this stealth game its like if splinter cell where for the n64 it doesn’t have sound or light detection but it has a simple detection system. Also most of the uv textures are not mine and i have to thank -[Killer]- for the animated textures tutorial.

I added a zipline and i worked on the textures a bit also the camera is now controlled by the arrow keys. Also if anybody knows how to pin the new in game softbodies please tell me.

Here are some new pics of the new character and of level 1

And two pics of the glsl version.


here is an updated demo;11649694;/fileinfo.html

Downloading now :smiley:

For a first actuall game, id say not bad. But I do have so critique for you :stuck_out_tongue:

The players rotation was a little to fast and it would have been nice if I could run, and a simple near detector for the enemies could detect if you are running near them, Simulating sound detection. I liked the doors and objective indicators you did a nice job there. The beggining was a bit rough I didnt know that I had to press space and the first few frames didnt work very well.

Im looking forward to a new release with bug fixes, if you need any help just ask.

keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback I implemented a simple run system just hold down tab and w to run, if you run near the enemies they will go after you, they have a radar sensor instead of a ray, one of the enemies patrols and there is a simple menu just press p. If you or anyone else has some suggestions please comment.

Cool! I thought a few more things.

How about a gun? Or a different way of taking down the enemies? Sleep Roll them/ snap necks?

Keep up the good work I’m expecting another demo soon.


the gun idea is cool but i dont know exactly how i should implement it can you give me an example to see how it should be done.

I guess I could. Give me a minute

Here explanation is in the file;11663006;/fileinfo.html

thnx man ill do my best

The only problem is how do i get blender to send the message to the appropriate enemy i guess i could set up a bunch of actuators for every enemy but is there an easier way.

Change my name in the front post from {Killer} to -[Killer]-, lol.

I’m glad you found my tutorial useful!

a .blend or linux binary please?

UPDATE: I scrapped th whole gun idea because i want the game to be more challenging and adding a gun just doesn’t work. Good news is i modeled that new character that you see their and I will probably be using other ways to get around levels like ladders poles etc.
Also i will be making the levels using the texture bake to make them look a lot better and i will do some textures by hand.

This is the plot which is senator James Watson has been captured but the US cant intervene without breaking international law. So a navy seal (YOU) who is friends with Watson goes in to save him by attacking the convoy that is transporting him.
Watson is also the head of the defense comity so you and Watson star CoAt (covert attack) and thats as far as I have gotten. Oh and i will be using voice overs during the mission and the FMV-ED script to run cut scenes. If you have any questions comments etc just post it up here.

sorry to tell you that but your game looks terrible ! And what is this trailer ? Seriously man you think about what a game look like ! I don’t what to say … it’s terrible ! terrible !

Dude tell me what to do then, ok its called a constructive criticism ,so if you don’t have anything constructive to say dont say anything. Oh and here is an example of a constructive criticism SHUT THE FUCK UP you asshole why are you bashing my game have you played it no , its my first REAL game and i don’t know what you have against me but if you don’t have any helpful advice don’t post, please I think thats simple enough.

Gamer Boi you are completely right! This forum is not a place for flaming and shaming.

blackreaper is a dick… he does this to everyones game threads. Reason: he sucks so bad he can’t make games, so he takes his anger out on everyone else. It makes him feel big when he calls everyones games shitty.

Anyway looking good =D

Looks pretty cool!
But, what is the black line at the center?
The skybox is pretty low res.
I can’t really do characters by myself! Did you do them?
Looking really awesome for a 1st game.

Yes i did do the characters and the the black line is supposed to be a road or something oh and i almost have the level1 1 ready i just have to tweak it and then I’ll put it out and i’ll put out a .blend.